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18K Gold Hand Engraved Gimmel Ring / Band


Known as a "gimmel ring" from the latin word gemilus for twin, this 18k yellow gold band pivots open to reveal a beautiful love declaration. The band has a recessed lock, which when unlocked allows the ring to slide open into two halves, each with an inscription, one side reading "love entered with a touch, a kiss" and the other side reading "with joy and bliss love stayed" This touching hidden message which is beautifully hand engraved is a universal love letter for the romantic at heart and endearing love. This is a contemporary take on tried and true love formatt.

The Gimmel ring which has been around at least since the 14th century consists of 2 or more bands. These bands swivel apart and come back together. This feature makes them a perfect ring to symbolize partnership. Two coming together as one. They were a popular choice for wedding rings in the 16th and 17th century. 

Ring size 6-1/4, total weight 25.6 grams marked 18K gold

circa 1980

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