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18K Gold Greek Egg Pendant


The egg is an important Greek symbol with many different meanings. The Orphic Egg, which is usually seen with a serpent wrapped around it, was believed to be the cosmic egg that hatched the deity Phones, who then created the other gods and goddesses. Eggs are also used in Greek tradition as a symbol of resurrection, and the Greeks are infamous for dying eggs red on Easter. This 18k gold egg is marked with “Greece,” so there are many possibilities of what this egg might have symbolized to its original owner. The beautiful open latticework gracefully intertwines throughout the egg, giving the illusion that the gold was woven into shape. The bottom of the egg has a flower motif. All of these symbols are evocative of spring, and this pendant can be worn as a lovely token of hope and rebirth. 

The pendant’s bail is marked with an unidentified Greek maker’s mark, along with “Greece”, and the Greek signifier for 18k gold. The piece weighs 3.56 grams. It is 3/4” by 1/2”, not including the bail. The bail is 5.8 x 7.7mm. The chain seen in the pictures is also available for purchase through Kirsten's Corner.

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