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18K Gold Double Headed Vintage Snake Bracelet


This is a fabulous double headed vintage snake bracelet in 18 karat gold.  The snakes heads are represented  in a planer fashion, with geometric shapes delineating the form.  A row of teeth are exposed along the mouth and diamond patterns echo the shape of the head. The head extends into the body of the snake which is rendered in a stiff yet flexible twisted rope chain.  The snakes head bypass each other and latch together with a post fitting into a tube.  A safety chain insures the bracelet will stay on your wrist. 

The bracelet is from the Middle East and bears a hallmark for 18K gold and an unidentified makers mark.  It is a vintage piece circa 1970 - 1980.  It will fit up to a 6 3/4" wrist.  The twist rope chain is 4.25 mm wide with the heads being about 1" x 3/8".  There is a pair of these bracelets with one being slightly heavier than the other.  This one weights 35.6 and is slightly more expensive than the other.  They look great stacked or one on each wrist or just by itself. The price is for one bracelet.

Snake Jewelry has surfaced in every civilization in some form or another. It is a powerful image and symbol. 

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