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18K Gold Checkered Flag Charm or Pendant


This nautical flag charm is made of 18k gold and hand-painted with deep blue and white enamel. Along the flag pole is detailed gold wire twisting work that makes the piece stand out. Sailors use maritime flags to communicate with other ships while at sea or during races. Each flag corresponds with a letter of the alphabet, and can be combined with other flags for even more elaborate meanings. The blue and white checkered flag seen here represents the letter “N” and is also used to express “No.” This charm could be worn to empower its wearer to say no when they need to—reminding them that “no means no” and giving them strength to stand up for their boundaries.

Originally a British-made stickpin, circa 1920, this piece was recently converted to a charm or pendant. A 4mm x 6mm oval bail was added, allowing the piece to be worn on a chain or charm bracelet. The back of the flag is marked “Benzie Co.” and 18k.

The charm weighs 1 gram. The flag measures 6.6mm x 9mm.

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