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18K Gold Chalcedony and Pearl Crown Pendant


This ornate Italian charm is based on an Etruscan Revival design that has become emblematic to charms in Italy. Circa the 1970’s, the charm features chalcedony cabochons and beautifully twisted wirework embellishing the crown. The chalcedony is a beautifully saturated green color, complimented by four pearls that top the pendant. A ring of smaller, bezel set cabochons add another layer of shape and texture to the crown. 

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes balance and good will. The rich, vibrant green of the chalcedony makes this piece perfect for summer with its vibrant green color. The bottom of the charm contains marks for 18k, as well as Florence. This vintage charm is typical of the jewelry sold on the Ponte Vecchio—a famous bridge in Florence lined with art dealers and jewelry shops. 

The pendant measures 1 1/4” x 1”, and hangs from a 4.4 x 7 mm oval bail. It weighs 15.25 grams. The largest chalcedony cabochon is 11x8 mm; the four slightly smaller cabochons are 10x9 mm; the ten small bezel set cabochons are 2.5 mm; the four pearls are 5.5 mm. 

We have many chains available in our store that would look great with this beautiful crown, or you can wear the piece on a chain from your own collection. Reminiscent of a layered cake, this summery piece makes a vibrant addition to any outfit.

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