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18K Gold Blue Enamel Winged Wagon Wheel Necklace


An unusual variation of the winged motif, these 18k gold wings feature gorgeous blue enamel topped with hand painted  lacy gold calligraphic lines. The central theme is a wheel encrusted with Rose Cut diamonds where the wings meet. A hand-hewn gold star sits on top of the wheel, held in place by branches of gold. The wheel contains geometrical spokes, and the front of the wheel is set in a tarnished silver that nicely offsets the diamonds. The silver and white provide great contrast to the blue and gold, making each detail of the piece stand out. 

Wings are a repeating motif in Victorian jewelry, often seen paired with a heart or crown, but the winged wagon wheel found in this piece is very unique and the only one we have ever seen. This was once a pin, but we converted it into a necklace to give it new life. There are 8 1.5mm rose cut diamonds in the wings, 7 1.5mm rose cut diamonds in the wheel and 3 2mm rose cut diamonds in the star element. There is about .15carats of total diamond weight in this enchanting piece.

The winged part of the necklace is made of 18k gold; the added chain is 14k gold. The chain is 16 1/2”, the perfect length for the necklace to rest against your clavicle. The wings are 1 1/2” x 3/4” and the necklace weighs 6.9 grams. 

Circa 1890. 

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