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18K Gold Double Horse Head Bracelet


This vintage 18k double horse head bracelet is a true gem! The sides of the bracelet are flexible, allowing it to open up and be put on easily. The 18k gold was rolled in each direction into itself, making it hollow, lightweight and flexible. The two horse heads and have exquisite detailing. Their noses almost touch and it looks like they are smiling. The manes have additional fine detailing as well as a nice matte surface that offers texture and contrast to the rest of the piece. This bracelet weighs 14.3 grams and fits a 6 3/4” wrist. It’s marked on the inside “BB” for Binder Bros, a company that was established in New York in 1922. This piece dates to the 1950s, and would be a perfect gift for the horse lover or equestrian in your life!

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