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18K Gold and Blue Enamel Figural Centaur Pendant


A beautifully sculpted centaur shines amid gorgeous blue enamel in this 18k gold figural pendant. The centaur is carved in stunning detail with a warm patina to the 18k gold. The border of the pendant creates an asymmetrical, wreath-like shape and enamel organically fills in the remaining space of the pendant. The details appear to be hand-carved, and the gold glows against the deep blue. 

Centaurs are a Greek mythological creature with the body of a horse and the head and torso of a man. Caught between their two natures—human and beast—they are known for being wild, lustful, and untamable. They are infamous for starting a fight with a neighboring tribe and attempting to carry off the bride of Pirithous, and are often depicted in Greek mythology alongside Eros and Dionysus, the gods of love and drunkenness. This centaur pendant is perfect to wear to a party, to help you embody the lawless and unstoppable spirit of a centaur.

Converted from 1970’s cufflinks, this vintage pendant is one-of-a-kind (its opposite-facing counterpart is also available through our shop).  Looks great on any chain, but we’ve paired it here with an UnoAErre necklace. The blue enamel of the pendant picks up the color of the necklace’s plique de jour bars, making these two a perfect combination! 

Marked on the back with the copyright and signature of E. Pearl, an unidentified maker. The pendant weighs 9.7 grams and is 1” x 7/8” with a 5.5 x 7.8 mm bail. There is a tiny pinhole dent in the enamel, original to the piece, where an air bubble formed when the enamel was applied and was captured in the cool down process. (The dent can be seen in the picture just below the centaur's hand.) The piece is in otherwise perfect condition. 

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