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18K Gold Agate Intaglio Signet Ring from Amsterdam


Recently acquired on a trip to Amsterdam, this seal is representative of a family crest from that region. In visiting Oude Kerk, the floors were lined with tombstones with many family crests that are similar to the one pictured in this intaglio dating to the fifteenth century. Beautifully carved into agate, the interior carved layer is a striking red, while the surface of the agate is pale purple. The crest contains a knight’s helmet and shield surrounded by feathering plumes. The 18k gold band is beautiful in and of itself, with ribbed detail and a bezel that is rubbed over the agate to become one with the stone. This is a beautiful representation of the legacy of Amsterdam. 

Most likely from the turn of the century circa 1900. The ring comes in a box labeled “D.A. Schmidt Hofjuwelier Amsterdam”. Hofjuwelier translates to mean “court jeweler”, which suggests this ring was made by a jeweler of the monarchs of the Netherlands. The ring is marked as 750 on the interior of the band. 

The agate face is 9/16” x 1/2”. The ring weighs 4.7 grams.

Ring size 7- 7.5 

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