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1860’s Silver Dutch Souvenir Box


This charming silver box is engraved with shapes and lines, all leading to the word “Souvenir” written in a scrolling font. The hand engraved patterns and bright cut work are lovely, with a repeating crescent moon motif and floral decorations. The squared-off shape has serpentine edges, taking on the aesthetic inclinations of the Romantic period. Rows of diamonds are etched across the backside for added intricacy. 

The box opens to a gilt wash interior, where several maker’s marks can be found. The lion passant marks that the silver purity equals .833 (the standard for Silver in the Netherlands until 1953). The lowercase “a” dates the box to 1860. The maker’s mark AD 8 is also included, which is difficult to identify, but considering the other marks, can be assumed to be a Dutch makers mark.

The box is 2” wide x 1/2” tall and would make a perfect pill box.

Circa 1860’s. 

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