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15K Gold Black Enamel Mourning Ring with Shield


This is a remarkable piece of mourning jewelry from the Victorian era. The ring is 15k gold and has a shield at the front (about .31mm by .31mm) with the initials “EA” engraved in remembrance of the deceased. The band is striking - it's comprised of black enamel with gold borders and measures about 4.37 mm wide. The inner part of the band has a Birmingham mark and a “V” letter date (1870). There's a makers mark but it is too worn to read. The ring is a size 6.5 and it weighs 1.92 grams.

Mourning rings date back to the 14th century but it wasn't until the 17th century that they became more clearly distinguished from Memento mori rings. They became even more popular in the Victorian era. This ring would make an incredible gift for the Victorian jewelry lover in your life. Alternatively, keep it for yourself and marvel at the latest addition to your antique jewelry collection!

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