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14K Yellow and White Gold, Sapphire and Seed Pearl Crescent Moon Necklace


This is a stunning 14K yellow and white gold crescent moon necklace with cornflower blue sapphires and cultured seed pearls.

Throughout history the crescent moon has symbolized spirituality and femininity. Crescent moons were incredible popular in Victorian era women’s jewelry. The Victorians were highly influenced by Romanticism, so much so that the influence transcended into the styles of jewelry being produced. Along with crescent moons, seed pearls were also incredibly popular during the Victorian era. Seed pearls represented innocence, purity, and humility—all qualities Victorian women were expected to possess. It is truly fascinating how society dictates many of the choices we make; from the clothes we purchase, to the food we eat, even to the jewelry we wear—society has a hand in constructing the facets of our daily life.

This gorgeous Victorian piece is truly something special. The crescent moon was originally a brooch, however it was converted into a necklace. The necklace’s chain is clearly marked 14kt gold on the clasp. Though the crescent moon is unmarked I have acid tested it as 14kt yellow gold and 14kt white gold on the tips.

Laid flat, this piece is 18 inches long. This necklace hangs beautifully from the neck and looks fabulous with a low cut or U-neck top. There are eight slightly graduated, cultured seed pearls. The smallest pearl is approximately 1.75 mm and the largest pearl is approximately 2.07 mm. There are seven gorgeous, slightly graduated, cornflower blue natural sapphires. The smallest sapphire is approximately 2.05 mm and the largest sapphire is approximately 2.55 mm. This piece weighs approximately 4.20 grams.

This incredible necklace would make a fabulous gift or wonderful addition to your antique collection.

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