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14K Gold Hamilton Wrist Watch for Tiffany & Co


A gorgeous vintage 14K yellow gold manual winding wrist watch from the 1940's, made by Hamilton Watch Company for Tiffany & Company, New York. The watch is of the highest quality and is in perfect working order. The dials of the watch are in superb condition keeping accurate time. Hamilton Watch Company became famous for being the "Watch of Railroad Accuracy". The beautiful gold band is bracelet like and will complement any wrist stack.

Weighing 22 grams the watch feels great when worn and makes a stylish statement of sophistication. It is 7 inches in length and fits a medium wrist perfectly. It is feminine and makes a lovely piece of jewelry as well as a time keeper.

The face of the wrist watch is 5/8 x 1/2 inch. The face features gold numbers as well as dials, and these are protected with an original beveled glass piece. The case of the wrist watch is also 14 karats of gold.

Upon opening the back of the watch you can see all the internal workings are in mint condition and the 22 jewel mark. On the back plate you can read the gold mark of 14K, the number 34529, and made in Lancaster, PA. by Hamilton W. Co.

Teaming with Tiffany and Company in New York, during the mid-twentieth century Hamilton made beautiful watches that would later become permanent symbols of classic beauty.

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