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14K Gold and Carved Chinese Coral Immortal Figural Pendant


This is a lovely Chinese carved immortal figural coral pendant, set in a custom fit 14kt gold bezel setting. The piece of coral is a fragment from an immortal carving. The Eight Immortals of Taosim are not unlike Catholic saints. The eight immortals are thought to have been real people who reached the highest level of realization and gained immortality.

Although this piece is not marked I have tested the gold as 14kt. The coral carving is in excellent condition and fits perfectly in its custom frame. This pendant is approximately 1” long and approximately 3/4’s of an inch wide. The bale has a diameter of 2.85mm. This piece weighs approximately 5.93 grams.

This coral pendant would look fabulous on the chain of your choice! I also have the chain shown in the photo listed as "Victorian 9kt and 12kt Gold Chain Necklace” if you are interested in purchasing the piece as well.

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