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14K Yellow Gold Vintage Athenian Owl Coin Charm


This coin charm is a vintage copy of an ancient Athenian Owl coin depicting the Greek goddess Athena on the obverse and an owl on the reverse. In Greek mythology, Athena is known as the goddess of warfare and wisdom. The owl that always accompanies her, is also commonly used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Athenian “Owls”, as these coins were called, were first made in Ancient Athens in 510 B.C, and are known to be the first widely used international coin. Foundational shapers of Western civilization like Plato, Socrates , Aristotle, and Archimedes used “Owls”. President Theodore Roosevelt has an “Owl” as a pocket piece, which influenced his decision to redesign U.S. coins in the early 20th century.

This Athenian Owl charm features a silver jewelry grade copy of the original ancient "Owl" coin. It rests in a 14k gold bezel setting that is surrounded by a decoration emulating an Ancient Greek ornamental spiraling design. The charm measures 1 inch long (from the top of bail to bottom of the charm), and measures 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The chain pictured here is not included, though there are a variety of chains available on our website.

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