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14K Gold Victorian Fly Charm-Pendant with Pearls


Converted from a Victorian stickpin, this adorable 14k fly charm or pendant features bead set pearls on a figural fly shape. There are tiny eyes, and legs - an adorable and detailed Signature piece.

Flies are a common Victorian symbol in jewelry. Flies were used to symbolize secrets or secret-keeping. Think of the fly on the wall which sees everything but tells no one!

Today, the gesture of a fly made with gold and pearls remains a clever subject choice, a fly that mustn't be swatted. It measures 3/4" from top of bail to bottom of charm by 1/4" at widest point. It weighs .8 grams and the bail opening is 3.6 mm by 2 mm. The pearls measure 1 mm - 1.7 mm. 

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