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14K Gold Imperial Russian Handmade Flattened Link Chain Necklace


This is a unique 14 karat gold flattened link chain from pre-revolutionary Russia. It measures 20”, hanging flat it hits just below the clavicle. It's exceptionally constructed and the flattened links provide a bit of a slinky articulated quality. Each flatten link consist of five gold circles that are welded to together that fit inside of another five piece link, and thus in this fashion the handmade chain was created. This simple aesthetic and incredible construction make it a great staple jewelry piece for daily wear.

There are gold markings near the clasp of a woman’s head and “56”, tracing it to pre-revolutionary Russia, 1908-26. The second Kokoshnick mark. It weighs 12.7 grams and the links measure about 1/4" in diameter.

Chains are versatile and can be worn with different types of dress and layered with other chains. This piece looks elegant with an evening dress. It can also dress up a casual t-shirt too. In all cases, this chain is sure to please!



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