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14K Rose Gold Natural Semi Black Australian Opal Earrings with Diamond Halo


These stunning opal earrings feature two semi black natural Australian opals. The oval opals are 10.3mm x 7.8mm and while well matched they offer a different color play. One opal has a green, blue, and yellow flashes the other opal offers a red flash along with the green and blue. This is the magic of opals, the myriad of colors they offer in and out of sunlight. The opals are surrounded by a halo of diamonds set in 14 karat rose gold.  Each earring has 22 1mm diamonds with excellent color and sparkle.  There are 44 diamonds combined in the earring pair for a total weight of .44 of a karat.

They have a sophisticated look great for a special event or everyday. The rose gold add a rosy warmth with a kaleidoscope of color the opal supply.

The earrings weight 2.8 grams and measure 12.7mm x 10.8mm each. 

  Also known as dark opal and grey opal, semi-black opal refers to opals which have a darker body tone than white opals, yet are not quite dark enough to be classified as black opals. They have beautiful color flashes of greens, yellow, reds and blues.

Circa 2020


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