Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Slide Fob Bracelet with Single Cut Diamond


A stunning chain and flower motif bracelet with a single cut diamond and barrel clasp. This bracelet was originally a watch fob from the Victorian era. A chain has recently been added to the original piece to create this beautiful bracelet. The original watch fob is 9 karat gold while the additional chain is 14 karat gold (as marked).

A flower motif is featured at the center of the pill shaped sliding circular fob . The petals surround the single cut diamond. On the back of the the sliding pill shaped barrel you can see further bright cut work in a leaf motif. With a barrel clasp and a safety latch to boot, this is a secure and darling piece of jewelry with a little bit of history and a lot of fashion. This bracelet weighs approximately 10.7 grams and is 7 inches long. In perfect condition, an incredible antique to add to your collection!

Watch fobs were used as decorative chains or ribbons to attach to men's watches in the 1700s. Before WWI and the invention of the wrist-watch, men kept their watches in their pockets. Watch fobs would hang from the watch, attach to the pocket or lapel and help secure the watch from falling. Although originally used for functional reasons, watch fobs became increasingly elaborate and representative of one's status. Coats began to be designed with multiple pockets and some men would even wear fake watches for the sake of showing off their fobs.

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