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14K Gold Vintage Intaglio Carnelian Gemstone Ring

This bold red and orange intaglio carnelian ring is exquisitely carved with the initials G-C below a lion standing on it hind legs. The lion on hind legs was a symbol was often used in England to represent courage and nobility. Considered the "king of beasts" this signet ring was most likely that of a higher ranking noble-person or gentleman. Typically, a signet ring was used to sign important sealed documents, and for sealing envelopes with wax. This bold ring is truly impressive in its size

This signet ring is composed of an antique carnelian that was set into a vintage textured 14 karat gold band, dating to the 1960s. It is a signature and unique piece made of an antique stone and vintage gold.  The carnelian is open backed- this allows for the light to shine through both sides of the stone making the bands of different orange and red colors visible in the carnelian. This variety and saturation in color makes this piece even more outstanding. The ring is a size 10 and weighs 43 grams. It is marked 14K on the interior of the band.  It is 29 grams of 14 karat yellow gold, feeling solid and strong. This vintage bold ring is a remarkable display of prestige and history.

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