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14K Gold Vintage Handmade Circular Link Chain


This 14k gold handmade vintage chain is made up of tiny circular hoops, intertwined to create an effect that is similar to a rope chain, only more open and airy. The necklace is lace like, and though it has a thicker presence, it is still delicate and lightweight. The flat planes catch the light in a sequin-like pattern, subtly shimmering with movement. 

Circa 1970’s, this is a labor intensive piece, as each link was handmade and soldered onto the chain. The high quality box clasp is also handmade, and adds to the beauty of the piece. It’s marked with “14K”. 

The lacy, open loops make this a lightweight piece, weighing only 9.8 grams. The chain is 16 1/4” long and 3/8” thick. 

Pendants or charms with a larger bail will fit nicely onto this chain, or a clip enhancer could be used to connect smaller charms and pendants. This piece also looks wonderful and makes a statement when worn by itself. 

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