Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Victorian Coral Earrings from Sardinia

A remarkable pair of 14 karat gold earrings decorated with Sardinian coral. These Victorian-era earrings contain floral motifs impeccably made with gold wire work. If you look closely you can see the intricate wire bending used to create each beautiful golden flower. Below each flower hangs an oblong coral piece from Sardinia. The coral weighs 15 carats total for the 2 pieces. It is natural coral with the best saturation and has not been dyed. These are Italian earrings stand out with their red-orange coral color against the crisp yellow gold. Each earring weighs 2.9 grams and measures 5 cm long. At its widest, at the flower, the earring measures 1cm. This is the perfect accessory for a showing a little personality at your next formal occasion. While not marked the gold acid tests to be 14 karat. A beautiful gift from the sea. Circa 1880. In great antique condition. 

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