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14K Gold Victorian Graduated Etruscan Revival Beaded Necklace


Circa the 1890’s, glowing 14k gold beads alternate with Etruscan Revival beads that boast elegant cannetille wirework. The cannetille work is composed of twisted wire segments, placed rhythmically around the bead to gracefully cover the gold surface. The alternating beads are graduated, ranging from 12.5 mm to 5.5 mm, with an acid finish that provides a gorgeous matte glow. 

The beads are hollow, handmade by seamlessly combining two halves of a sphere to create elegant orbs. The necklace has clearly been well cared for, as all the beads are in excellent condition, with the exception of a tiny dent in one of the cannetille beads.

The beads are strung on 14k gold foxtail chain, which is traditional to this type of Victorian necklace, with a rollo chain and spring ring added to the ends for secure wear. 

The necklace is 17” long and weighs 17.75 grams. 

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