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14K Gold Victorian Goddess & Moon Charm


A curious charm that combines a delicate figure emerging from a crescent moon to tell the story of the Greek goddess Palaestra. Palaestra was the daughter of Hermes who lived in Olympia, and was associated with inventing arm wrestling; she was full of valor, and remarkably fierce for a woman. She was considered androgynous in physical appearance, and quite unique in character. There are many myths and stories about her, one including a dismemberment, which led her to be immortalized and known as the inventor of wrestling. Her arms appear symbolic in several texts, which make this figure into a symbol of Palaestra. She emerges from the olive leaf, symbol of Olympic victors who were crowned with this wild leaf. During the Victorian era the moon she emerges from was commonly known as the symbol of guidance, femininity and spirit. The crescent moon is decorated with three tiny seed pearls that are milky in color, resembling perhaps the tears of the goddess. A fascinating story, this charm is full of symbolism and mythology.

Weighs 0.7 grams, measures approximately 1/2 inch, unmarked but acid-tested to 14K gold. This charm is ready to hang on the chain of your choice.

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