Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Victorian Era Ruby & Pearls Ring


A lovely Victorian ring with classic motifs that are feminine and delicate. The ring is composed of a band that mirrors itself and meets at the center in a cluster of gemstones. A milky grey seed pearl is flanked by two rubies, with a total of four rubies and two pearls. The rubies are natural, and you can see the inclusions in these gemstones. The faceted rubies are approximately 3.2mm in size and the pearls are approximately 2.7mm. They are very vibrant, and the craftsmanship to set these gems is really lovely. Down the side of the band are very tiny seed pearls, three on each side, that are set in descending order to almost disappear.

A truly lovely design, this ring is perfect for adding a romantic touch to any dress.  The ring is a size 6 and has no markings but it has been acid tested to 14K gold.

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