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14K Gold Victorian Crescent Moon and Horseshoe with Seed Pearls


A 14k gold crescent moon is bisected by a lucky horseshoe, an unusual combination of two popular Victorian motifs. The crescent moon is narrow and swordlike, with an elegantly sharp tip. Half of the moon is engraved with a foliate that gives the pendant gorgeous texture. The horseshoe is bead set with 12 seed pearls that compliment the foliate motif of the moon. 

Horseshoes represent good luck and were a common symbol in the Victorian era, when equestrian jewelry first gained popularity. A crescent moon represents change, cycles, and new beginnings. Together, the images can be worn as a talisman to symbolize that your luck is going to change for the better. 

Originally a pin, a 14k gold jump ring and oval bail were added to convert the piece into a pendant. The pendant weighs 1.5 grams. It is 2 1/8” long; the horseshoe is 5/8” wide. The bail is 7 x 5 mm. 

The pendant is pictured here with an oval tourmaline acting as planetary orb. 

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