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14K Gold Victorian Carnelian Warrior Intaglio Charm or Pendant

A beautiful carnelian intaglio charm with a young Roman warrior figure. This charm dates to the Victorian era, and has a gorgeous orange-red color. It has crisp hand-carving or intaglio work, that depicts a profile, and around the edge a hatching motif that frames the portrait. It is smooth and has no undesired chips. Typically, an intaglio, or signet ring such as this one, was used to sign important sealed documents, and for sealing envelopes with wax.

The intaglio carnelian charm weighs approximately 3.5 grams. It is set into a 14 karat yellow frame, with a slightly open back that lets some light in. The piece has no marks but has been acid tested. It measures approximately 5/8 of an inch and comes with a bale, ready to hang on a chain of your choice. It is sold separately from the pictured chain, but we have many available at Kirsten's Corner should you need one.

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