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14K Gold Victorian Byzantine Ecclesiastical Tetragrammatic Cross Pendant


This is a Victorian era 14k gold Byzantine ecclesiastical tetragrammatic cross pendant. At the center of the pendant is a Byzantine ecclesiastical tetragrammatic cross, with beautiful engravings on both the front and back of the piece. The Greek letters have been painstakingly cut out and offer an openness to the design. These are the Greek letters “Pi", "Beta", "Phi" and "Mu" and they rest in the corners of the cross. I have done some research but was unable to find the significance of these letters to the cross so for now unknown symbolic origins. Whatever its meaning it is a beautiful pendant that offers a reference to symbolism. Converted from a pin. 

This pendant has a well-sized bail that can fit an array of chain sizes and styles. The bail opening measures 3.6mm by 6 mm. The piece weighs 3.6 grams and has a 3/4" diameter. 

Circa 1900  

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