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14K Gold Tiffany & Co. Saint Christopher Medallion


A vintage 14K yellow gold Saint Christopher medallion pendant made by Tiffany & Company in the 1960s. Saint Christopher is the patron Saint of travelers, and he is depicted here in high relief and fantastic detail, walking through the water with a staff and a small child on his back. The Saint is known for the legend where he graciously carried a child, who was previously unknown to him, across a river. After the fact, the child revealed himself as Christ. This medallion is marked with the letters: "Saint Christopher Protect Us" on one side, and on the back there is the name "Don" with 6-8-75 etched in crisp script. The back is also marked with a markers's mark, Tiffany & Co. and the 14K gold standard. 

The figure of Saint Christopher on this medallion makes this pendant a perfect gift for someone needing protection at a time of transition and travel. It is also a charm for the kind hearted and open traveler. Saint Christopher is a patron to all things related to travel and travelers — like keeping us safe from lightning or sickness on the road. He is also a patron to soldiers, motorists- and even bachelors! 

The medallion weighs 10.3 grams and has a 1 inch diameter. It weighs nice, feels really solid and substantial when worn on the chain of your choice. We have many chains available through Kirsten's Corner should you need one. 

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