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14K Gold Tahitian South Sea Black Drop Pearl Pendant Necklace


This Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl is beautifully round with a gorgeous, lustrous nacre. It connects at its drop point to a delicate 14k gold chain, making it a simple and stunning pendant necklace. The pearl is elongated at the top and makes for an elegant profile. It has a wonderful luminosity and is “peacock aubergine” in color, with undertones of purple, green, and pink, as well as hints of brown. The near-perfect nacre is free of blemishes, and the pearl has a good weight to it, denoting its high quality. 

Tahitian pearls are naturally dark in color and come from Black-lip Pearl Oysters. While South Sea pearls are typically gold and creamy, Tahitian pearls contain a full spectrum of iridescent colors. They are the largest pearls in the world, and are highly sought-after, as they are the rarest pearls in the world and were only made popular around the 1950’s. They are grown in French Polynesia and are bead-grown, but have extremely thick nacre compared to Akoya pearls. 

The pearl measures 10 mm x 11 mm, including its drop point. The pearl itself weighs 1.7 grams; the 14k gold chain weighs 1.05 grams. In total, the necklace weighs 2.75 grams. The chain is 16” and is marked as 14k. 

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