Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Table Cut Diamond Sliver Necklace


This station necklace features slivers of table cut diamonds, organic in shape, bezel set into beautiful 14k gold. The silhouette of each diamond comes from its rough cut, while the smooth flat surfaces are table cut. The diamonds are a lovely shade of yellow-gray, and the table cut shows off the translucent, marble-like nature of the diamonds. 

The fine details of the necklace indicate that it was labor intensive to create. Each bezel setting was handmade specifically for each diamond, as they vary in shape and size. Two tiny jump rings were attached to each bezel setting, and then connected to small pieces of chain. There are 17 diamonds, placed approximately one inch apart. 

The 14k gold chain has an adjustable length of 18” or 16”. The necklace weighs 2.63 grams. 

The organic nature of this necklace makes it uniquely beautiful, and it is the perfect piece to add glimmer and shimmer to your neckline. 

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