Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Signature Crescent Moon Necklace with Pearls & Sapphires


This is a Kirsten’s Corner Signature necklace featuring a 14k gold crescent moon centerpiece, delicately filled with alternating pearls and sapphires. Each pearl measures about 2 mm and there are five prong set sapphires that also measures 2 mm. Originally an Edwardian brooch this piece has been reimagined as a delicate necklace. The piece is yellow gold with the tips of the crescent having a white gold accent. 

The natural sapphires are a beautiful cornflower blue, adding contrast to the warmer golden tones of the chain and softness of the pearls. The centerpiece measures 1 1/2” from tip to tip. The necklace weighs 2.3 grams and it measures 17 1/4” from end to end. This necklace would make an excellent gift or addition to your jewelry collection.

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