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14K Gold Seashell Handkerchief Holder


In the realm of obscure accoutrements, this seashell handkerchief clip is straight from the Victorian era. This unique little object resembles a pair of tongs with a scalloped seashell on one end, connected to a chain with a ring on the other end. The Victorians had an object for everything—and this is a great example of a personal accessory. The ring would be worn on the finger, while a handkerchief would have been clipped into the seashell so that it always dangled from a woman’s wrist. The seashell is mechanical, with a small ring that slides up and down the clip to open and close the shell. 

Circa 1880’s, this is a sweet little piece of history. The inside of the ring is personalized with the name “Lottie Hedges” engraved in a scrolling cursive font. 

As a surprising piece of jewelry, this handkerchief holder looks great worn on a chain as a pendant. It is 14k gold and the seashell is beautifully textured with a tiny fleur-de-lis at its base. 

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