Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Scorpion Pendant with Opals and Rubies


This is a fabulous Vintage 14 karat gold Scorpion pendant. It is set with round cabochon opals in the body and the claws.  The stinger and eyes are set with faceted red ruby gemstones. It was once a brooch but has been updated to be a pendant with a generous bail on the back tail. Beautifully rendered this scorpion is full of attitude and handcrafted details poised to strike. 

There are eleven opals which range in size from 6.25mm the largest to 3mm the smallest. Approximately 4.5 carast of beautiful colorful fire opals. The rubies in the eyes are 2.5mm each and the tail stinger is 3mm for approximately 1/3 of carat.

Marked 14k. Excellent condition  Overall approximately 2 3/4 in. x 1 5/8 in. Total weight approximately 10 grams. Circa 1960.


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