Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Plique-a-jour Medallion Pendant with Wolf Head


This is a one of a kind signature medallion pendant from Kirsten's Corner. An antique 14 karat gold wolf head is married with a round 14 karat gold medallion. In the delicate gold filigree border my master enameler applied a deep magenta plique-a-jour layer. It is fused to the gold creating a translucent window. This adds color and contrast to the wolf - a fierce protector in pendant form with single cut diamond eyes and bared teeth

The medallion is 6.8 grams of acid tested 14 karat gold. it is 1" in diameter and the wolf is 3/8" deep. the diamond eyes are 1 mm old single cuts.

Plique-a-jour, in French, translates to "open to day light. In the decorative arts it is a technique producing translucent enamels held in an open framework of metal. It resembles a stain glass window in miniature.

Shown on a tiny paper clip chain also available on Kirsten's Corner.

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