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14K Gold Mid-Century Modern Cat’s Eye Moonstone and Diamond Ring


This 14k gold Mid-Century Modern ring contains a rare, cat’s eye moonstone that glows from within. When held in the light, bands of color, ranging in hues from silver to gold, shimmer and move around within the stone in a mesmerizing effect. The stone appears to be lit up, like the surface of the moon. The stone is bezel set into 14k gold, adorned along the sides with single cut diamonds. The diamonds are bead set into hand-carved stars, a popular Mid-Century Modern motif. A magical world seems to exist within this glowing cabochon, and its glimmer has a life of its own. 

Chatoyancy is an optical phenomenon seen in certain stones, caused by light reflecting off of parallel needle-like elements within the stone, this is the cats eye effect.  In addition the moonstone has a trait known as adularescence—a milky sheen or glowing light that seems to come from below the surface of the stone. The effect is caused by layers of orthoclase and albite that reflect and scatter light. So this beautiful cabochon has the adularescence that all moonstones have and Cat’s eye effect, making it a very rare stone.

The moonstone is approximately 25 carats measuring 19mm x 19mm x 10mm. There are 14 single cut diamonds that range in size from 3mm to 2.5 mm, for a total weight of approximately .7 of a carat. The ring weighs 19 grams. This is a rare piece, and the moonstone offers up so much joy by just being looked at. 

Size 5.5 with the ability to be resized. 

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