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14K Gold Masonic Square and Compass Pendant with Diamond


This 14k gold pendant is a Freemasons award that was given to a member in 1925 as recognition of service. It consists of the Masonic square and compasses, with a gorgeous Old European cut diamond in its center. The gold is hand engraved with scrolling foliate along the compasses and mathematical detail on the square. Each piece of the pendant was cut individually and then stacked together to create depth and dimensionality. On the back of the pendant, “Presented to A.O. Roscher Worshipful Master” is engraved, as well as “Triangle Lodge 638 Dec. 19 - 1925” and “St. Louis MO”.

The square and compasses is one of the most universally recognized Freemasons symbols. The square, a tool that allows for right angles and structurally sound buildings, is symbolic of morality. The compasses, used to draw perfect circles, is a symbol for drawing boundaries around desires in order to maintain the balance and moderation necessary for living a life of integrity. The diamond in the center represents the Masonic blazing star, which is a reminder to use knowledge as a guide like a star in a dark sky. 

The Freemasons are the world’s oldest fraternal organization that has been around since the Middle Ages and is still active today. Because of their secret rituals and symbolism, they are often thought of as a mysterious secret society. Though there is quite a bit of lore associated with the Freemasons, they are known for their benevolent causes. 

The beautiful Old European cut diamond measures 4.25mm and is .3 of a carat. It is bright and lively, G-H in color and SL1 in clarity. 

The pendant weighs 7.85 grams, and is 1 3/4” x 1 3/8” with a 7.1 mm round bail. 

Its original owner, A.O. Roscher, can be found listed in the 1925 Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. 

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