Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Malachite Buckle Ring


This is a sweet malachite buckle ring in 14 karat yellow gold.  It is a contemporary piece fashioned with the reoccurring buckle theme.  The buckle ring dating to the Victorian Era symbolizes the sentimental, binding love between the giver and the receiver of the ring. The interlocking belt and the buckle is said to represents how perfectly the lovers fit and are attuned to each other.

This ring has a beautiful stripped piece of rectangular malachite, measuring 14mm x 11.5mm as the buckle. The gold band is wide and narrows to 4mm at the back shank. It is a size 7 and has the interior marks of China and 14K FB.  The FB mark indicates that the ring is 14K gold but hollow and filled with a silicone as a stabilizer so the ring does not dent.  It is a way a saving gold in production and lowering the cost of  jewelry that would otherwise solid. Weight 5.7 grams.

A charming contemporary ring with a romantic flair.

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