Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Itsy-Bitsy Paper Clip Link Chain


An itsy-bitsy 14K gold contemporary paper clip necklace is made with rectangular links that have crisp edges. The necklace is a dainty version of the popular paper clip chain, having a simple and sophisticated design. The paperclip necklace measures 21 inches and weighs 2.4 grams.

It is marked Italy with an AR for Arezzo and 14K. Arezzo is one of the most important manufacturing centers in the world for gold jewelry. The town has a rich history and is know for quality gold.

Each link is 4.7 mm x 2 mm making it a very tiny paper clip link. This is solid link. A bright and bold yellow color, this necklace is great by itself of layered with other chains. Shown here with other paper clip link chains with  slightly larger links.  

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