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14K Gold Hypnos God of Dreams Cameo Pendant


This 14k gold pendant is a rare find, with the portrait of Hypnos—the god of dreams, who is not often depicted in jewelry— carved in stunning detail into a shell cameo. The cameo is finely carved, with wisps of hair, the contour of the god’s face, tiny wings protruding from his head, all sculpted with a level of skill that is rare to see in cameo jewelry. The taupe-colored backdrop is exquisitely bezel set into a 14k gold frame, complimenting the seashell cameo with warm hues of brown and gold, and curving gently to frame the delicate portrait. Evidence that this cameo was once a shell can still be seen in the tiny textured lines along the portrait's edges.

Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep. He lived in the underworld in a quiet cave that was surrounded by poppies and other sleep-inducing plants. The river of forgetfulness and oblivion, Lethe, flowed through his cave and Hypnos reigned over the dreamworld. He was known for being a gentle god, and shaped the dreams of humans, along with his sons Morpheus, Phantasus, Phobetor, and Ikelos. His mother was Nyx (night) and his twin brother was Thanatos (death). Hypnos was a favorite god of the Greeks, as he had the power to bring humans deep, peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. 

The image on this pendant is intriguing, and it could be worn to honor Hypnos and request deep sleep and good dreams. This pendant features both a foldable bail and a pin, so it could be worn either on a chain or as a brooch. It comes with this 14k gold chain, which we’ve paired as the perfect chain for this piece. 

It measures 1” x 1 1/8” x 1/8”. It weighs 4.64 grams. The 14k gold chain is 18” and can be adjusted to any length. 

Circa 1880.

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