Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

14K Gold and Garnet Bead Long Necklace


This is a Signature Kirsten's Corner long necklace with burgundy garnet beads and an ornate 14k gold clasp. The garnet beads are a random pattern of round and rectangular shapes, measuring about 4 mm in width. This design has nice texture, and the rich color of the garnets looks great against the gold clasp detail.  

The clasp is a wonderful feature that is utilitarian and also a design highlight. It's a filagree clasp with an open floral motif. This necklace measures 56" from end to end, and can be worn a variety of ways. It looks great wrapped once, twice, thrice or even four times around the neck as a choker! It weighs 56.5 grams, and has been safety knotted keeping the beads in place and safe.  

We love the versatility of this piece, the rich tones and its gorgeous clasp. It would make a wonderful gift or addition to your jewelry collection!

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