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14K Yellow Gold Diamond Edwardian-Inspired Lucky Nail Ring


We came across an original L. Fritzsche and Co. nail pendant from the Edwardian era and loved the hand engraved scrolling foliate along the surface of the nail. We cast the pendant and had our jeweler carefully bend the nail into the shape of a ring, with the tip of the nail touching the head. In this version of the ring, we decided to embellish the head of the nail with a baguette diamond and two small round diamonds. Masterfully set and engraved, the stones are held in a carved out delineated setting that follows the head of the nail. The nailhead makes a gorgeous asymmetrical centerpiece, using Edwardian elements to create a fresh, contemporary look. The intricate engraved details of a flower and scrolling foliate catch the light in a mesmerizing shimmer.

Equestrian jewelry was popular in the Edwardian era, and denotes good fortune, power, accomplishment, and strength. The original Edwardian piece that this ring is cast from was made by L. Fritzsche, circa 1908, a jeweler who was known for a horseshoe bracelet with similar engravings as this one, and who was responsible for much of the equestrian jewelry created at that time.  

The baguette diamond measures 2.75 x 1.7 mm. The two round diamonds are 1 mm each. The ring weighs 3.59 grams. The nailhead is 5/16” wide. The ring is marked as 14k gold. 

Ring size 6.5.  Due to the pattern, the ring cannot be resized but it can be opened slightly to fit a larger size. 

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