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14K Gold Daisy Medallion Necklace with Pink Tourmaline


Hand engraved by Master Jeweler Michael von Krenner, this one-of-a-kind 14k gold medallion necklace features a lovely Gerber Daisy with a pink tourmaline in its center, surrounded by a dotted motif of beautiful milgrain work around the border. The medallion is hexagonal in shape, connected on its sides to a 14k gold chain. The engravings are beautiful and simple, with dots around the pink tourmaline to mirror the milgrain border, and carefully placed details on the flower petals to give the engraving depth. The tourmaline is a beautifully saturated color that gives the medallion a playful pop of pink! 

Michael von Krenner has been a Master Goldsmith and Master Jeweler for over 40 years. All of his work is handmade and hand-engraved, completed under a microscope with astounding attention to detail. Much of Krenner’s work features nature and organic floral motifs, an homage to the wildlife of his childhood home in Hawaii, and unique designs inspired by Krenner’s travels around the world. 

The pink tourmaline is 4 mm. The medallion measures 1/2” x 5/8”. The chain is 17 1/8” long. The necklace weighs 4.65 grams. The medallion is marked on the back with MVK and 14K. The chain is marked as 14k on the clasp. 

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