Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Champagne Diamond Studs


These adorable champagne diamond studs contain 2.5 mm diamonds. Champagne diamonds have warmer golden tones that make them softer and gentler than white diamonds. They are perfect for evening wear because they because they pick up golden, candlelit hues, giving them a beautiful soft sparkle.

Champagne diamonds, also known as cognac diamonds when their hue is slightly darker, get their natural color from the absorption of light through the structuring of the diamonds interior. They are a beautiful alternative to the traditional look of white diamonds, and have grown in popularity in recent years.

Champagne diamonds can range in color from subtle honey shades to darker cognac colors. The diamonds in these earrings a medium hue of C3-C4. They are SL-I in clarity and have a clean, pretty sparkle.

The stone in each earring is 2.5 mm for a total weight of .12 carats.

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