Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Anonymous Mask Ring


Combining an existing jewelry  component this ring was designed by Kirsten’s Corner. It is a one-of-a-kind, conversation starting ring. The anonymous mask seems to change its mood and expression as the play of the gold reflects differently at each angle. Reflections are captured and multiplied, like a kaleidoscope, subtly bringing color into the ring based on its surroundings. Not quite comedy, not quite drama, the neutral expression of the mask allows for possibility, and while the face remains the same, it creates many haunting images.

To make this contemporary piece, Kirsten’s Corner took the mask element and combined it with a ring band. The added band is double shanked, which makes it comfortable to wear. The curved mask conforms to the hand well. The mask element is marked on the back with 14k and the maker’s mark “JCF.”

The ring weighs 5.3 grams and is a size 6.5.

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