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14K Gold and Diamond Cobalt Blue Russian Guilloche Egg


This Russian egg pendant is a striking shade of cobalt blue, and its guilloche enamel is just opaque enough to allow hints of the 14k gold underneath it to shine through with mesmerizing patterns. The gold is subtly textured, giving the egg a pearly illusion reminiscent of fish scales or running water. On one side of the egg, a ring of diamonds creates an oval. There are 16 1.5mm single cut diamonds surrounding a starburst pattern in the enamel. The .25 total carat weight of diamonds are bead set, with lovely millegrain work around them. The ring of diamonds also looks like an “O” so this could be the perfect charm for someone whose name begins with the letter O. The rich texture of the egg combined with the deep shade of the blue makes this a gorgeous pendant fit for royalty.  

Circa 1940’s Russia, this egg follows in the tradition of the Fabergé eggs that were commissioned each Easter by the Russian Tsar Alexander III and his son Nicholas II as gifts for their wives and mothers. From 1885-1917, the House of Fabergé, run by Peter Carl Fabergé, would create an ornate Easter egg at the request of the royal family. Fabergé was instructed to design anything he wanted—his one requirement was that each egg must contain a secret. Fabergé’s famous eggs would open to reveal elaborate surprises, such as a miniature gold replica of the Gatchina Palace; a route map of the Trans-Siberian Railway; and a tiny flower basket studded with 1,378 diamonds. These lovely Russian gold enamel eggs have become a symbol of this tradition and Imperial Russia.

On the bail, the piece is marked with a star and a hammer and sickle, symbols of Soviet Russia. There is also an unidentified maker’s mark written in Cyrillic alphabet. 

The egg weighs 6.08 grams. It is 1/2” by 5/8”, not including the bail. The bail is 5.1 x 6.9mm. The chain seen in the picture is also available for purchase through Kirsten's Corner. 

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