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Vintage 14K Garnet Cabochon Crown Charm


This is a stunning Garnet Cabochon Crown Charm circa 1980. This Charm is beautifully detailed with Maltese Crosses and Fleur-de-Lys around the crown. It is 14K gold and marked as such on the crown. It measures about 2.5cm in length and would look amazing as an addition to a necklace or charm bracelet.  The garnet cabochon is approximately 4 carats and 11mm x 8mm. The charm weighs 4.5 grams.

This piece is as royal as it gets! It is in great condition. Perfect for adding a regal touch to a chain, or bracelet. The chain pictured here is not sold with the charm, but can be acquired through Kristen's Corner. This charm makes a wonderful unisex item, a thoughtful gift for someone special! 

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