Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

14k Briolette Citrine and Diamond Dangle Earrings


These one-of-a-kind 14k white gold dangle earrings are part of Kirsten’s Corner signature pieces, featuring pale yellow green briolette citrines, 14k white gold, and an array of diamonds that together dangle in an art deco inspired design. These dynamic earrings have nice movement and sparkle that change with the lighting and environment.

They hang at an optimal length, measuring about  1 5/8” from the top of the piece to the bottom of the citrine. In addition to the citrine, there are 13 single cut diamonds on each earring all measuring about 2mm.

The top of each earring has 6 single cut diamonds in a quadrilateral shape. From this hangs two link stations each housing two additional single cut diamonds. This linking chain attaches to the citrine and each citrine is about 7 carats. They are set in a 14k white gold leaf cap design with three additional diamonds. Each citrine measures about 10mm at the widest point by 14.5mm long.

These finely crafted earrings are both elegant and glamorous. The subtle tones of the citrine combined with the glamor of diamonds offers just the right taste level, using light and movement to activate the design. These earrings are a unique piece for a special occasion or worn to liven up a casual outfit.

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