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10K White Gold Edwardian Bracelet with Blue Sapphires & Diamonds


This beautiful mille-grain white gold bracelet from the Edwardian era has incredible craftsmanship and detail. The bracelet is made up of 9 segments in an alternating pattern; it features three oval segments with french cut sapphires and diamonds on carved crystal, and then 6 of the interlocking ring segments. The interlocking rings measure approximately 3/4 x 3/8 an inch and the other ovals with gemstones measure approximately 7/8 x 1/2 an inch.The bracelet measures 8-1/4 inches in length and fits a 7 inch wrist quite nicely. The bracelet has exquisite details and ornate engravings all along the gold, including to the clasp, which is a nice touch. The 12 sapphires have a gorgeous deep blue color and measure approximately 1mm each; the diamonds are single cut and are approximately 1.6 mm in size.

The color of the blue gemstones and the faceted diamonds complement the white gold nicely, adding a sparkle to the piece. All the considered surfaces on this bracelet make it very decadent to wear, making it feel like the quintessential Edwardian piece of jewelry. The bracelet is in great condition, especially for its age. No chips or scratches on the crystal or gems. This piece is marked 10 karat gold on the clasp. A fine example of elegant filigree work that was so popular during the Edwardian era. Circa 1910.

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