Kirsten's Corner

10K Gold Georgian Triple Link Split Ring Bracelet


This is a superb Georgian era triple helix-like link bracelet with incredible detail, texture and craftsmanship. The chain was originally part of a watch fob, but today can be worn as a bracelet. It measures a total of 8-1/2 inches in length. The piece is in great condition and dates to the 1840's. At one end there is an antique split ring and at the other, ending in a flower bud form is a swivel attachment. The interior of the flower end has been soldered to the chain to create a secure connection, yet allows for link movement. The swivel attachment on the end of the bracelet is from a later day, marked with L.S & Co, the Birmingham maker of Lionel Smith & Co. The bracelet is made of 10 karats of yellow gold, and only the swivel clasp is not gold, but gold plated. I have acid tested the bracelet because there are no gold marks.

The bracelet weighs 15 grams, and feels great when worn. One can easily attach a charm to the split ring, as well as along the bracelet. The versatility of this bracelet makes this an excellent gift for someone special, or a great addition to an antique jewelry collection.

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